USAOPOLY - Telestrations® After Dark™ Commercial

It was a pleasure collaborating with the marketing executives at USAopoly on two video spots for the hit board game Telestrations.   I conceived and wrote the treatments for both commercials, which were based on our mutual experience of  "Digital Fatigue" in our daily lives.   Board games, at their most basic, should reconnect humanity.  Each spot highlights the need for two different social groups to put away their devices and reconnect with their friends and family through the experience of playing Telestrations.

Telestrations® After Dark™ – Game Night Gone Adult

Telestrations® After Dark™ is aimed squarely at the Millennial audience and is decidedly an "adults only" version of the original game Telestrations®.   The shooting experience was fun for everyone on the whole set, and we literally had to pause takes so everyone on the crew could try to stop laughing at the outrageous sketches!

Telestrations® After Dark™ Sketchpad Reveals (Censored)