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Matt Odom Creative is the online representation of the work and services offered by me, Matt Odom.  I'm an L.A based freelance "wearer-of-many-hats", including Directing, Cinematography, Photography, and Editing. 

My body of work includes projects for eBay Motors, MotorTrend Magazine (online), Wicked Evolution (feat. Jada Smith), Dead Sara, Hyundai, Lucent Dossier, Nate Currin, The Sunset Sessions, Coca Cola, Discovery Channel, Verizon,, The Indigo Girls, Amy Ray, Alternative Apparel,, The Coathangers, Ludo, The Whiskey Gentry, Heavy Mojo,  Kristofer Lamey Studios, and more.

I scale to fit the project at hand and have hired and worked with dozens of talented freelancers ranging including producers, DP's, audio engineers, gaffers, stylists, make up artists, post production FX engineers, and more.

I go where the work goes. Have lenses, will travel.

Please use the form below to contact me, or if you prefer, I can be reached at 323.652.8388  or directly at mattodomcreative [a] gmail [.] com.

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