CAPTAINS DEAD by The Coathangers.

The phone rings.   It's Julia from The Coathangers.  They just finished a new track the band is very excited about, but they're heading out on tour and need a music video shot ASAP.   Can we put something together quickly?

I actually love these situations, because when you're up against a clock, you can't overthink ideas. As an artist, you just react, trust your instincts, and make art for the sake of art.   Such was the case on "Captains Dead".  It's a dark, threatening song.  It made me glad I was the subject of their ire.  This sounded like dangerous ladies.  Which led me to the gang of back up cheerleaders; knive play, and monster masks.   Somehow, it all works.

A massive shout out to The PBR Music foundation who helped make this video possible.   I love it when a great brand supports art for the sake of art!