"Superman" Promo for A.S.U.G.

Directed & Edited by Matt Odom (See full credits below...)

"Superman", featuring an original music score, was produced for The American SAP Users Group, and screened at the annual ASUG conference in Orlando, Florida.  It features "Big Mike" Geier and members of Dames A Flame, from Atlanta, GA.

Client: ASUG
Executive Producer: Nellie Greely
Branding Agency: QUO VADIS
Creative Director: Rick Julian
Production Co.: ATARICHARM
Director/Editor: Matt Odom
Producers: Danica Walker & Janet Mason
Music Production Co: Tunewelders
Lyric: Rick Julian
Music: Rick Julian & Ben Holst
Lead singer: Mike Geier
Background Vocals: Natasha Williams, Chantae Cann, Ametria Dock
Choreography: Kenya Patterson
Dancers: Kenya Patterson, Libby Chapman, Sarah Blackman
Little Elvis:  Aaron Beelner
Manager: Emily Butler
Steadicam Operator: Ryan Rodinis
Prop Stylist: Sarah Caudel