I've been getting this question a fair amount lately, um... why the change?  Mainly, it's just time.  The primary reasons are these:


  • When I started using ATARICHARM to tag photos about five years ago or so, a large part of that was simply a way to put stuff out there that didn't have "Matt Odom" on it. The quality of the photos were still hit and miss; I had yet to establish a point of view as a photographer; and I wasn't sure I was in it for the long haul.  So you might say ATARICHARM started out as a pseudonym. 
  • As my career and business continues to grow, it's increasingly obvious that name recognition (Matt Odom) is helping me open doors more quickly than my pseudonym.  As I started pursuing work more actively in LA, NYC, etc.  "Matt Odom Creative" became an easier way to begin a conversation: a) Yes, I'm Matt Odom b) Yes, I do creative photography, videography, write treatments, etc.  It get's right to the point.
  • Lastly, ATARICHARM was the umbrella for all the services I offered, some of which weren't necessarily related.  In order to grow each business brand separately and under it's own steam, I've also peeled off two service offerings and will be relaunching those as their own entities in the near future (Wedding Images & Web Site Design).  I'll post more about those once they launch next month.

ATARICHARM as a brand will continue to live on as the series of images that helped me find a career.


Matt Odom