I spent two days this weekend filming a music video for The Whiskey Gentry.  Overall, I'm really pleased with how things went.  The song is a slow, beautiful ballad so I wanted to shoot imagery that felt like it did the song justice.  When I pitched the band, this is a snippet of the treatment I pitched them:

"Four Horsemen is a gentle ballad about heartache, longing, and the slow creep of deep emotions that are easier felt than explained.  The song itself is a blend of traditional country, gospel standardS and poetic story telling.  The Four Horsemen video will be feature the Whiskey Gentry, particularly Lauren Paige, in three settings: A Mine Shaft, Country Woods and an Old Warehouse.  The overall feel of the video will be dream like, with strong uses of black and white, light and shadows, moving focal points and shooting locations that evoke a feeling of loss, age, and darkness.  Lauren will serve as the counterpoint to the darkness by wearing white that will contrast against the darker, dirtier color palette, much like the promotional stills.  The final video is best described a collection of both literal and abstract imagery, edited to match the pace, tone and lyrics of the song."

We ended up shooting in four locations, three of which were in Dahlonega, GA.  The locations included a thicket of north georgia woods, an abandoned house, a ridge overlooking a valley, two different gold mines, and an abandoned factory floor in downtown Atlanta.  I have my editing cut out for me....

Here are a few snapshots from the shoot. I used a Canon 5DII as my camera.  Some of the footage is breathtaking, but you really have to work to get the shot you want.  The form factor and small size makes it prone to user hand wobble / shake, so I used a tripod a LOT. 

Video / FilmMatt Odom