St. Vincent: Drink the Kool Aid. Show Devotion.

Six random events (or were they?) that led to this post:

1) Hear "Out of Work" on XMU a few months back.  Shazam it with the iPhone.  Buy it on iTunes while stuck in traffic. Make mental note that I need to check our more of this artist's stuff.

2) Catch her performance on Letterman.  Make mental note that I need to check out more of her stuff.

3) Forget to check out rest of her material.

4) In passing Ashley asks me if I want to go to some car show music party thing somewhere in the neighborhood.  I say not really, but while looking over her shoulder, I spot (incredulously) a sentence that says St. Vincent to play 'vey special show'. So I think to myself, hey, why not check out the show?

5) Turns out it's a Kia sponsored event, meant to help sell the new Kia Soul. In order to get free passes, I go test drive the new Kia Soul. (Not a bad car by the way).

6) I show up to a rather large space, with only 50 or so other guests, and get my mind blown away by the musical genius of one Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent

She's beautiful (Natalie Portman beautiful).  She can sing with insane melodic range and control.  She OWNS her guitar -- from insane solos, to intricate folk style plucking, to noisecore.  And by her mastery of all the effect pedals she uses, she's an obvious technophile.

Instantly, I became a fan.  Or devotee.  I'm not sure which. 



Matt Odom