Lucy Activewear Videos

BTS of the 2015 product line! Shot on location in Seattle, Washington.

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"Meet The Lucy Design Team" - Einstein describes creativity as "intelligence having fun", and that's a perfect way to describe the spirit of the lucy design team! Meet the 7 women behind the design of lucy activewear, get a sneak peek into the creative process and see our new fall line in motion!

This was a wonderful "Behind The Scenes" video shoot I shot and edited for  the Lucy Activewear team in San Francisco, California.   I had the pleasure of interviewing Keryn Francisco, the Creative Director at Lucy, and learned so much about the creative process that takes an idea from it's start as a sketch, through to an actual functioning garment.    Great product made by great people!


"Have You Ever..." - Have you ever run so far that you needed a ride back? 

This small short was directed and edited by Dan Eppard.  I had the pleasure of shooting a number of key scenes at iconic San Francisco locations.  Fun fact: we shot this entire commercial in four hours!  What a fun day!