"This Is Me" Commercial

"This Is Me" commercial concept for The Company Store.  Written, directed, shot and edited by Matt Odom.  Shot on location in New Jersey over two days.  Fantastic crew, great talent, gorgeous product! 

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 9.38.47 AM.png
Lexus, with the cooperation of The Ansel Adams Trust, set out on an adventure inspired by some of the legendary photographer's iconic images. The crew traveled to Death Valley, Yosemite, and other locations originally chosen by Ansel Adams to highlight the natural beauty of America.

This was a fun edit, for many reasons.  I'm a photographer first, so learning more about Ansel Adam's process, his approach to landscape photography, and the story behind some of his most iconic images was amazing.  

The whole team really worked hard to get capture amazing views, and it shows in the final product.  If you've ever doubted California's abundance of places worth seeing, this should go a long way towards convincing you to reconsider and come for a visit!

This was shot by Director Brent Baer and crew with Canon C-300's, Canon 5DIII's, and a handful of GoPros. This was edited in Premiere Pro CC, and color graded in DaVinci Resolve.

In addition to the primary Lexus documercial called "Chasing Light - Inspired by Ansel Adams", I edited 5 spotlight videos on various Lexus LX, GX, and RX features. These were voiced by Justin Krogh, an amazing Los Angeles based voice-over artist.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 2.23.59 PM.png

Spot: "The right domain name can change your life!" is a new registrar that will compete with the likes of GoDaddy and Network solutions in offering new domain extensions like .sexy, .link, .tattoo, .guitars, and more. 

Directed by Mike Wilson. Edited by Matt Odom.



We had the pleasure of working the leadership team at WHATCOUNTS.COM to create and produce these two marketing spots for WHATCOUNTS.COM.  Entitled "Bad Art" and "The Cyclist" respectively, they poke fun at entrepreneurs who take DIY a little too far.  Both spots were featured as part of an integrated email campaign to marketing managers around the country. Some screenshots from the final delivery are included below.


When I was in my early 20's, I remember how much I longed for a Supra, or even a Celica! Alas, I never got one, and had to console myself by occasionally borrowing a friends for an afternoon spin.  When Toyota stopped making them 15 or so years ago, I gradually forgot how much I loved them.  Until now.

HOLY HELL.  This is one sexy concept car.  That F1 inspired nose is amazing. The heads up display super next level....  I digress.

It was fun editing this episode of Motor Trend's Downshift series.  It really resonated with the viewers, bringing in over 500K viewings in less than a week.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 11.47.56 PM_Snapseed.jpg

My Vimeo version (viewable globally)...

Vevo link (unavailable in some countries apparently...)

"Mona Lisa" by Dead Sara

Directed, Shot & Edited by Matt Odom. 

MonaLisa Thumbnail2.jpg

Last fall I was hired to shoot the Tyler Rose Swimwear collection for both their "Sun Scene 2014" lookbook and catalog images.  We shot in Big Bear, California over the course of about 30 hours or so.  It was hectic schedule with tons of swim suits to shoot, but we got through it.  In addition to Canon DSLR's, I also shot with my new (at the time) Sony RX1.  It did not disappoint. In fact, it's very difficult to tell which shots came from which camera.

I should point out that the client wanted a very specific over-saturated look, so image post production was handled internally. 


Produced by Matt Odom and Alana Shea

Directed, Shot and Edited by Matt Odom

Hair and Makeup by Shellena Gonzalez

Read more about the making of this video (conceived and shot in about 48 hours...) here.  I also shot a series of promotional stills for the release of "We're Only Human" which you can see below.


Lucy Activewear Videos

BTS of the 2015 product line! Shot on location in Seattle, Washington.

Let's get moving! Start 2015 on the right foot with fresh prints, colors and style for miles. Shop new arrivals:

"Meet The Lucy Design Team" - Einstein describes creativity as "intelligence having fun", and that's a perfect way to describe the spirit of the lucy design team! Meet the 7 women behind the design of lucy activewear, get a sneak peek into the creative process and see our new fall line in motion!

This was a wonderful "Behind The Scenes" video shoot I shot and edited for  the Lucy Activewear team in San Francisco, California.   I had the pleasure of interviewing Keryn Francisco, the Creative Director at Lucy, and learned so much about the creative process that takes an idea from it's start as a sketch, through to an actual functioning garment.    Great product made by great people!


"Have You Ever..." - Have you ever run so far that you needed a ride back? 

This small short was directed and edited by Dan Eppard.  I had the pleasure of shooting a number of key scenes at iconic San Francisco locations.  Fun fact: we shot this entire commercial in four hours!  What a fun day!


"Weatherman" by Dead Sara.

Produced, Directed, Shot & Edited by Matt Odom.

Assitant Editor: Max Pastor.  Production Assistant: Alana Shea.

If you haven't seen Dead Sara perform live, you are missing out.  Dead Sara continues to turn heads (Warp Tour, Jimmy Kimmel, MTV, VEVO, etc.) and "Weatherman" is now well over 1 million views.  

Motor Trend's YouTube Channel...

Motor Trend's YouTube Channel...

Motor Trend's YouTube Channel is the most viewed source of online automotive shows.  Their channel has over 1 million regular subscribers and a mind boggling 350 million views of their content....  MASSIVE viewership! They have eight YouTube channels and publish daily content.  

I've edited over 30 webisodes for various shows, including "Wide Open Throttle", "Downshift", "The J-Turn", and "Dirt Every Day".  Some shows are host-driven car enthusiast programs, others are industry news centric, while others are more documentary in nature.   Here are a few of my favorite episodes:


Edited all 10 episodes of "BUILT", a reality web series featuring 4 Los Angeles garages, all customizing cars that were purchased and restored using nothing but eBay Motors.  For all episodes, please visit: 


Directed & Edited by Matt Odom (See full credits below...)

"Superman", featuring an original music score, was produced for The American SAP Users Group, and screened at the annual ASUG conference in Orlando, Florida.  It features "Big Mike" Geier and members of Dames A Flame, from Atlanta, GA.

Client: ASUG
Executive Producer: Nellie Greely
Branding Agency: QUO VADIS
Creative Director: Rick Julian
Production Co.: ATARICHARM
Director/Editor: Matt Odom
Producers: Danica Walker & Janet Mason
Music Production Co: Tunewelders
Lyric: Rick Julian
Music: Rick Julian & Ben Holst
Lead singer: Mike Geier
Background Vocals: Natasha Williams, Chantae Cann, Ametria Dock
Choreography: Kenya Patterson
Dancers: Kenya Patterson, Libby Chapman, Sarah Blackman
Little Elvis:  Aaron Beelner
Manager: Emily Butler
Steadicam Operator: Ryan Rodinis
Prop Stylist: Sarah Caudel


Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 2.54.09 PM.png

I've been a fan of the Coathangers, from Atlanta, GA, for many years now.  I got the pleasure to hang out for a few dates in Tucson, San Diego and L.A., and was able to capture a few images that really summed up their live performance energy...

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 1.00.05 PM.png

NSF  (unless your work is cool with heavy metal and a few bare boobs).

This was really fun piece I edited for Heather Sommerfield, a wonderful videographer who specializes in shooting fashion videos with the very top talent all over the world.  In this case, she was shooting Candice Swanepoel on Mario Sorrenti's (world famous fashion photographer) set for Italian Vogue.  

Heather gave me an amazing metal track, and I went to work.  Very gritty, sexy, awesome.  ere is the link to the actual video posting on Italian Vogue


Produced by Matt Odom and Alana Shea.  Directed, Shot & Edited by Matt Odom.   

"Vanity Fair" is my fourth collaboration with Nate Currin, and I couldn't be happier for him.  The song is wonderfully dark and gothic, and with Lucent Dossier's stellar performance, the visuals truly match the tone and subject matter of the song.   "Vanity Fair" is the first single from his six year project entitled "The Pilgrim", now available on iTunes. Check it out!

Some words about The Pilgrim:

“A collection of 18 gloriously written songs, full of wit, poetic charm, wisdom, sadness, darkness and triumph… The music is striking: the guitar, percussion and background vocals are stirring, the lyrics emotionally grabbing… The Pilgrim is a feel-good album most the way through, relaxing and romantic to the soul and ears. A joy to discover…”

“It’s a raw, uncompromising album from an artist working on his own terms.”

“Is Currin’s project a success? Absolutely. He stands as the creator of a truly (truly) original musically-related project.”


Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 9.27.30 PM.png

"Four Horsemen" by The Whiskey Gentry  || Director's Edit

Directed, shot and edited by Matt Odom in 2009.   Director's Edit released Jan 1, 2015.   Read all about the new edit and how it came to be HERE.


"WE ARE YOUNG" by Vassy.  Directed by Mario Vengoechea. Edited by Matt Odom.

This was the directorial debut of a friend and colleague Mario Vengoechea (  As with most music videos these days, it was a run & gun affair, with quick turnaround needed.  He asked me to tackle the video edit so he could keep his focus on generating some amazing visual FX in order to meet the client deadline.  I felt like the edit needed to echo the kinetic quality of the dance track, and combined with Mario's FX styling, the result is very compelling. 

Check out the version of the video on Vassy's Youtube channel here:

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 12.32.48 PM.png

COCOTIKI is a Los Angeles based Polynesian performance company.   They are a sexy group of classically trained performers who all hail from various pacific islands, specializing in everything from Hula, to Tahitian, to Maori, to 50's style pin-up cabaret.  I've had to the pleasure to work with them on many occasions, from shooting their sizzle/teaser reel, to shooting promotion and event images.   If you ever have a chance to see them, or book them -- DO IT!

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 4.02.10 PM.png

Director: Moni Vargas
Director of Photography: Kira Kelly
Camera Operator (one of six operators): Matt Odom
Editor: Matt Odom & Moni Vargas

These were shot and recorded live, on location in downtown Los Angeles.  It was a particularly complex edit because the final audio mix was comprised of the best portions of various performances of each song.  So instead of having just six possible camera angles for cut in the edit, in many cases we had six to eighteen camera angles to choose from (primary angles plus all camera angels from all additional takes for alternate shots of musicians).  It was a wonderful experience working with Moni and Jada to complete each edit.



I was hired by Nuyorktricity to edit a trailer for Willow Smith's upcoming music video entitled "FIREBALL", directed by Hype Williams.   We didn't actually use any principal footage for the video, rather, we used behind the scenes footage shot by Nuyorktricity.   


Directed by Matt Odom
Shot by Matt Odom and Jens Lucking.
Edited by Matt Odom.

t was an awesome experience shooting Nate for this video. Both Nate and Niki Huey (our actress) had to endure an uncommonly cold L.A. day, and act like it was sunny and warm. It was a long 12 hour shoot day, but they both came through like champs!

The Official Music Video for the song Goodnight California by Nate Currin - the title track from Nate's latest album which came out in January 2011.

The video stars actress/model Niki Huey, who has been in other music videos for artists such as Snoop Dog, Enrique Iglesias, New Kids on the Block, and Jesse McCartney.

The song "Goodnight California" is the title track from Nate Currin's album, which was produced by Dan Hannon (who has produced Manchester Orchestra, Aaron Shust, A Rocket to the Moon, and others) and Simon Illa (who has produced D. Woods of Danity Kane and Vonnegutt of Big Boi's (Outkast) Purple Ribbon Records).

Most of the video was shot in and around Los Angeles, California, but the live scenes were filmed at The Melting Point in Athens, Georgia.

Nate Currin making "The Pilgrim"

Nate Currin making "The Pilgrim"

Nate Currin is an amazing singer songwriter, and this is our third collaboration together.  He asked me if I could put together a "behind the scenes" or "making of" type video while he was recording "The Pilgrim" in Athens, GA.  Budget didn't allow me to fly out to Georgia on short notice, so I hired Ryan Rodinis to act as DP and gave him direction from homebase here in Los Angeles.  The final piece turned out to be a touching, gentle look into Nate's creative song writing process.  Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 3.31.47 PM.png

Directed, shot and edited by Matt Odom

As is the case with most artists who are just launching careers, we needed a low budget concept that would do justice to the song's mainstream appeal and production value.  We shot this in the California desert over a 12 hour period, fought off gale force winds, moved a piano around a lake bed in 100 degree heat, all the while requiring Ariel to wear a long gown!  As they say, fashion hurts! :)

Song Written by Ariel, Ashley Poole and Anthony Mazza
Song Produced and Mixed by Anthony Mazza
Makeup by Shane Bell
Hair by Angel V. Prado
Dress Design by David Tupaz

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.55.31 PM.png


For two years, I had the distinct honor of providing video coverage of Michele Clark's Sunset Sessions, an amazing insiders showcase of some of the best music talent around.  This industry only event brings together the worlds top radio music programmers, and best TV & film music directors.  Record labels and indie artists pay for the opportunity to play an intimate set for this powerful audience.

I provided video coverage for all acts (about 40 acts across 72 hours) two Sunset Sessions, and two Sunset Sessions ROCK!, across two years.  I got to see, and shoot, some amazing performances by Dead Sara, Jimmy Cliff, KD Lang, AWOL Nation, Sia, and Stevie Nicks, to name a few.  Here are some of my favorite performances...

I had the distinct pleasure of shooting a performance by KD Lang at Michele Clark's 2011 Sunset Sessions. I can't say I was a fan before I saw her perform, but afterwards... WOW. This woman's voice is other worldly....
With the help of my production team (Mike Gonzales & Logan McMillan), we spent a weekend in early June shooting performances for "Sunset Sessions Rock! 2011". This was one of the performances that I enjoyed the most. I can't wait to see this band again!!
AWOLNATION performs "SAIL" at Michele Clark's Sunset Sessions Rock! 2011.
If you haven't bought the latest Black Joe Lewis album, you totally should! It's the kind of rock that makes you want to dance, drink whiskey, and take up with women of dubious character...

As part of a marketing campaign for Hyundai Veloster, Hyundai sponsored a 5 day event in downtown Los Angeles called the RE:MIXLAB. We were hired to shoot all events over 5 days and produce video recaps within 48 hours of the completion of each event.  These are two video samples of the 10 or 11 video recaps we put together over 8 days. 

Shot by Matt Odom
Edited by Matt Odom and Max Pastor


"Lauren+JP" was the product of a simple question: what would happen if you approached a wedding like shooting a music video?  I didn't really know what I was doing when I started this project, but this video took off like WILDFIRE!  

Ashton Kutcher tweeted about it, Nate Berkus flew me to NY to talk about it on the "Nate Berkus Show" and I've since shot wedding "music videos" all over the country, and as far away as London.  Read all about it over at, the site I use to market my own unique take on weddings...

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 12.31.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.49.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.50.32 PM.png

Eula Mae by The Whiskey Gentry

Shot on location at the Five Spot in Atlanta, GA, this live performance video captures the energy of an alternative bluegrass rock band as they start to gain a following in the southeast U.S.

Directed, Shot, & Edited by Matt Odom

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 12.52.50 PM.png

This was our entry for the Doritos Superbowl commercial contest, 2011.  It featured the lovely Niki Huey.  Alas, we didn't win.  But I still love Doritos.


What do you do when you get a call and are asked if you want to go on the road with the circus?  YOU GO! IMMEDIATELY!!

Lucent Dossier asked me to travel with them to the BOOM Festival in Portugal, and document their performance.  We stayed in tents in the Portugese desert for about 7 days and to say it was an experience that I won't forget is an understatement, to say the least!  If you EVER have a chance to see Lucent Dossier perform... DO IT!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 12.21.10 PM.png

Tanya Harding by The Coathangers

This video is comprised of around 3000 or so photos taken of The Coathangers, then manually timed and synced to their song "Tanya Harding". The video captures the lo-fi, raw, angsty pop of this all girl band.

Directed, Shot & Edited by Matt Odom