I'm an freelance editor based in Los Angeles, with extensive experience editing content ranging from music videos, web series, mini documentaries, event promotion, sizzle reels, and short films. 

Why should you consider hiring me:

  • Ultimately, your project hinges on showcasing the story.  My first goal in editing is to service the story that needs to be told.  If the story falls flat or is unclear, you don't have anything worth sharing.
  • I'm fast without sacrificing quality.  
  • I'm also a successful director and cinematographer, so I can anticipate what your director or DP might have been thinking when they shot a scene a particular way.   I often find that my own critical eye for composition will inform my editing decisions, resulting in a more polished edit.

Tools are just that... tools.  So any editing system is fine if it gets the job done.  However, my preferred workflow is the Adobe Editing workflow, where Premiere Pro CC is my editing system of choice.  It's integration with other powerful creative tools (Photoshop, Prelude, After Effects, and Speedgrade) continue to impress and ultimately make it easier for me to deliver high quality product quickly, a win for both me and my clients.


While most of my commercial clients are based in Los Angeles, I have worked with clients based all over the country who simply ship me their media assets on a hard drive while I do the work out of my home office.



Works out of Culver City, Los Angeles.

Work includes content for:

  • Motor Trend
  • Lexus
  • Ebay Motors
  • Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Willow Smith
  • Sony Pictures
  • Dead Sara
  • Italian Vogue
  • Nate Currin
  • Lucent Dossier
  • Wilderbe